I started the subscriptions programme as an experiment in 2013, with no idea whether it would work. But thanks to readers' generosity, I have been able to spend more time making comics. This has lead to short experimental series like Destroy History and Robert Cop, comics on the site six or seven days a week rather than the customary four, and allowed me to dedicate time to developing Giant Days for print. It also helped replace ageing computer equipment.

For all this, I am very grateful. My next aim is to remove all external advertising from the website. I hate website ads as much as you do.

My comics on this site will always be free to read. But if you want to directly fund the stories you enjoy, please consider signing up for a Scary Go Round subscription. Once a year, you'll be a bona fide patron of the arts. There are no other benefits. £2 a year is less than a penny per comic.

STANDARD - £2 / $3 every year - receive nothing*
BRONZE - £10 / $10 every year - receive nothing*
SILVER - £25 / $25 every year - receive nothing*
GOLD - £50 / $50 every year - receive nothing*
PLATINUM - £100 / $100 every year - receive nothing*
*but my gratitude



It's a square deal. You're free to cancel via your Paypal account at any time - use this link to access your subscriptions - you need to be logged into Paypal first. If I decide to abandon webcomics, you will be informed in advance. After 15+ years without missing a scheduled update, you're probably pretty safe.

I love making comics, and want to find a better way to keep doing it the same way I always have - if that makes sense! If I can fund my work this way, I will be able to work without worry. Thanks for taking the time to read.

- John

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